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  1. Fantasy is...by definition...unrealistic in its architecture. It is an exercise of the mind and mostly one of escapism. But Fantasy is also literature and writers tend to draw from outside inspiration as you yourself admit. Some even wish to comment on those inspirations with their work. In the case of PoE those inspirations seem to be questions of discrimination and dehumanization, of leading a meaningful life in the face of past actions, for religious people even of past lives. Why do I use the word "seem"? Because discussing literature is a matter of interpretation, which goes so fa
  2. chopping = applying a blade (slashing) with great force (crush) You'd actually not need to use the backside of the poleaxe to get a crush effect, but a blunt side would be there if (for what ever reason) you only wanted to horribly maim someone's insides without also cutting through their precious coating.
  3. Faith is needing someone else to tell you that you are leading a good life.

  4. Belief is needing someone else to tell you that you are leading a good life.

  5. It uses the damage type doing more damage against an opponent making it a sort of care-free or at least care-less choice when playing tactically versus just hitting-it-long-enough-until-it-is-dead .
  6. What the hell, let's wade into this cesspool... What I hate about this whole charade is that Obsidian as a group of artists have made a marvellous game and some people just want to **** on it by labelling them weaklings and turncoats. Consider someone who invites other people into adding to a creation as a gesture of gratitude for their support. Is that weakness? As an oversight they don't proofcheck everything and some contribution slips into the product that they don't stand behind. Is that weakness or merely human fallibility? They check back with the contributor and together they
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