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  1. Played as Lucas and I don't think I got more than half influence with any of the companions. - Kept Gunderic Mansion and destroyed the Hearty of Nagog. - Freed the Krug (that was hillarious) - Hans got the land (Baron didn't seem to broken up about it) - Helped Cyclopses (that ending with the union was just great!) - Sent Rajani back with a warning (No chain mail bikinis, but chainmail lowcut skinny jeans? I can deal). - Let most of the criminals go, but got one of them to repay what they had stolen - Had Dapper Old Gent join the Legion - Spared as many of the archons as I could - Spared Jeyne and got her to help rebuild Also, just wanted to say, WOW, just loved unfolding plot, and that ending and the epilogue that tied it all together. Put a big a ole smile on my face. Do other action RPGs (Diablo, etc...) out there have the similar levels of story?
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