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  1. I am wondering what the difference in quality will be between the 2D based environment like above, and the 3D tileset environments for dungeons and things. How will these interact, and what kind of differences will there be?
  2. I think the main goal with the environment should be to remove immersion breakers, rather than go after a million immersion enhancers - which can never all be met. But I guess everyone has different tolerance levels for suspending disbelief. One of the things that screams artificial is the front of the hedges being static while the rest moves. In that case, no movement at all would have worked better. Still, the issue is reaching an acceptable level of detail and ambience rather than the creation of an environmental simulator. It's about time invested in an effect vs what it adds to the game and by extension cuts off due to limited resources.
  3. The Frost Dwarf Returns

  4. Maybe certain creatures or environment effects lead to rapid destruction of the dead, travellers would loot any remaining armor and items, other creatures would scavenge bones. Maybe a bone scavenger creature - like a vulture that eats bones or builds nests with them.
  5. The potential here is pretty huge. When I saw the light ball I thought about how there could be areas with floating crystals and other strange creatures, crystal caverns with streams and waterfalls... That this is an early first version of the engine is encouraging. Imagine it after several iterations in future games? I hope Obsidian can build on P:E, refining the engine over the years. Request: Would there be a possibility to toggle day / night, or to peg the day / night cycle to the users pc time? I know that's a kind of meta-option and assumes the world's days are 24h, but I always found BG etc most immersive when I was in a dark area when I played at night in a dark room, totally absorbed. Great demo, vast potential.
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