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  1. Hmm he looks far to reputable to be the patron demon of politicians, more like the patron demon of Estate Agents?
  2. It really sounds amazing, I look forward to seeing some more. Regarding the City Guard and the no Psychics, I'm of the opinion that (a-la Terry Pratchett) the Guard should be made up of all races (that will work together) and utilise the best of their abilities, after all in a group of guards, if one is psychic, what good does it do them if that 'person' is not in charge. Obviously you need ranks in the guard, that way you can target the 'man in charge' and blunt their response. Looking at what you've got,as the Skuldur relies more on echo-location and is the cave dwelling version goi
  3. Absolutely stunning, the water is amazing, however I did think the spray at the bottom of the waterfall looked and felt wrong somehow. I also felt that the character walking through the water should produce more of an effect, for what happened they may have been walking on land. The day/night cycle looked really great (i'd use stunning but i'm in danger of over-using it!) As far as I was concerned the very best bit was the fire wisp floating through the huge doorway, the way the light lit up everything was astounding, especially considering it was, as you said, 2D. The scores on the d
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