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  1. This was my expectation. I did try to follow the developer commentary as much as possible, but I think I missed the part where they overturned this decision. I can't help but feel that it would have been better with the original design. Perhaps they were worried about slaughtering too many sacred cows?
  2. Would players object if a brand new RPG system was created using a checkpoint system instead of manual saves and resting? Like many shooter games (and Mass Effect) you'd take a party with a finite amount of resources into a mission, and then it's up to you to make those resources (including health and spells) count without resting. There could be scattered opportunities to regain some spell uses and resources can be looted while on-mission. If a player messes up then they can reload from a previous checkpoint. If the player REALLY messed it up then they are given the opportunity to reload from the start of the 'mission'. While exploring the wild then all resources can be regained by camping at certain sites or resting in an inn. If anyone has played Persona 4, that's the kind of system I think would work really well.
  3. ......i guess you are a new generation player who is just simply not use to it. Please don't do that. I'm 30 years old and I've played many different cRPGs and PnP RPGs, including all the IE games.
  4. I fear that some people misinterpreted my original post. This is not a complaint about realism, or even so much about RPing or the gameplay mechanics. PoE was designed from the ground up using knowledge acquired from years of game-making to solve many of the little issues that are typical of cRPGs. You've only got to look at the primary attributes to see this. My concern is that the rest system is still highly problematic, and seems to be the primary cause of many of the other iffy gameplay mechanics in this game. I wonder why the game could not be built upon a different system - i.e. rebalanced such that there was no resting while 'on mission'.
  5. Many complaints I see in these forums relate to the endurance/health system, pre-buffing and spell uses per day. Obsidian had many goals when designing this RPG system, such as the reduction of rest spamming to clear dungeons. Arguably it may even be worse in this game than in BG2 with the way health and healing works, particularly with teleporting shadows one-hitting weaker characters at the start of the game. My question is this: why wasn't the game designed around a system that forbids resting in hostile locations such as dungeons? It took my characters around 3 days to invade Readrics Hold. Resting uninterrupted for 8 hours each time during a castle assault seems rather silly to me. In fact, with enough camping supplies you can spend weeks invading the castle. I also don't feel like I rest any more or less than I did during BG1 & BG2. After 15 hours playing this game my only real gripe is that Obsidian's solutions to these age-old cRPG problems seem to be over-engineered and arguably ineffective.
  6. Next time you use a wizard spell and target an enemy, take a closer look at the cursor icon. You will notice a red eye that indicates the caster does not have line of sight. You may also notice the typical cast icon, with some footprints. This means that the caster is out of range and will need to move closer to complete the spell.
  7. Yep, realised this as soon as I posted but I was unable to remove or stop the post (approval process). I knew it had been in early access but a recent advert on steam made it seem like it had been released properly, but I was mistaken.
  8. Forgive me if this was covered elsewhere, I did a search of the forum and found nothing. I purchased a tier that comes with Wasteland 2 - now that the game is fully released, am I able to download it somehow? I would really hate having to wait months before being able to redeem this aspect of my pledge since the value of the game will naturally decrease over time. Is there any information on this?
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