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  1. The game still hast no fullscreen. Will this ever be added?
  2. It is a shame, that this game still has no exclusive fullscreen.
  3. Someone posted this workaround in the meantime. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=414835388
  4. The guy above you says he has the problem with an AMD card, so everyone is affected.
  5. I am using NVIDIA, but since you are seeing things from the desktop it is impossible that you are using fullscreen, since exclusive fullscreen mode does not do that.
  6. I did kill him and nothing happened, except I could loot him. I want to know if it effects something in the future.
  7. Yes, yesterday it was working. Only after I did the integrity check today did it stop working.
  8. What happens if I kill NPCs that I don't like? For example I don't like Urgeat in the first town. What consequences does it have if I murder him?
  9. Did you read what Trial of Iron does? It is normal, that quicksave does not work, since you cannot save the game yourself. Trial of Iron - The player has one save game that persists for the entire campaign or until player's character dies.Trial of Iron save games are distinguished with metal textures instead of wood] When a player quits the game, their current state is automatically saved and they can re-enter that saved game to continue playing. However, if their party dies, the game ends and the save is deleted. They must then begin a new Trial of Iron game.
  10. Since I checked the integrity of the game files today, the game will not run in fullscreen mode any more. No matter if the fullscreen box is ticked or not , the game will be in windowed borderless. I want to run it in full-screen mode to use gsync. Does anyone have a solution? Additionally whose weird idea was it to save the config in the registry?
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