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  1. Is there anyone on here who isn't backing both games? I'm equally excited about both, and I certainly don't see it as some kind of competition between them.
  2. Some interesting posts (and some slightly disturbing ones). I think it's worth considering why evil occurs (in real life), and why there is more opportunity for evil to occur in fantasy settings. Civilised society tends to have laws and conventions in place that prevent really spectacular evil occurring on too regular a basis. That's why when truly grotesque acts of evil do occur (school shootings in the USA, serial killers etc) they tend to attract a lot of attention. Other activities that could be classified as 'evil' (organised crime, political corruption, sexual abuse) are always happe
  3. Magic weapons should be rare and unique. In AD&D based games magic weapons soon become de-valued - every enemy has a 'Short Sword + 1', which undermines the idea of magic being something unique and wondrous. In PE i'd like to see: Every magic weapon has a name. An ACTUAL name like 'Excalibur' or 'Flesh-thrasher', 'not 'the Bastard Sword of Burning +3'. Every magic weapon has a back-story or legend attached to it. Acquiring magic weapons should be tough. They should either have a specific quest attached, or should only be obtained from very high level bosses, not from the b
  4. I've read a few forum posts about the desire for there to be more playability for 'evil' characters, but I think it's worth considering how characters like this (and evil npcs) should be designed. For, me too many evil characters in RPGs fall into a limited number of easily recognisable categories, some of which are rather tired and stereotyped: Firstly, characters who loudly identify themselves with the forces of 'evil'. E.G - T'anarii and Baatezu from Planescape, worshippers of evil gods, or whole races (Drow, for example) who essentially walk around proclaiming 'I am evil' with the
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