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  1. Sounds like the novella isn't too far away. Chris Avellone has written it, and is just waiting for feedback before making any final revisions etc. Source: http://www.pcinvasion.com/chris-avellone-interview-game-design-numenera-and-hints-about-his-future
  2. I'd like to see low stats affect dialogue options, the same as high stats do. At the moment, if you pick perception 3 and resolve 18, you'll get far more dialogue options than someone with 10 of each. That's not right. There's no need to invest in special low int dialogues or whatever. Just take away options from a low-stat character that a normal character would have. A character with intellect 3 is dumber than a hunter's pet. The only dialogue options available to them should be [stoic] or [Aggressive], and perhaps the occasional [Passionate] or [Cruel]. A character with perception 3 is probably either blind or deaf (or both). So take away parts of the descriptions that accompany the dialogue. Someone with resolve 3 is probably so deformed or quirky no-one takes them seriously. So take away dialogue options where they get to be a leader.
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