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  1. I've always had the impression that he is a good writer and usually those don't have a problem with writing down the thoughts that go through their head.
  2. 10 min Let's Play videos sounds like a horrible choice for a game like Arcanum. One of the worst aspects of the game is how stretched out it can be - walking is the thing that is done most of the time. Combat can be also pretty drawn-out and there are many combat passages that cannot be skipped (the Black Mountan Clan mines will take up easily 20 mins and it's a boring click-fest until you get to the very end). I suggest a written Let's Play that highlights the interesting bits. Arcanum shines in the writing, as well as the choices and consequences department. That isn't something that can be appreciated when watching a video. Plus, I suggest replaying it or at least reloading to check different outcomes. And don't be afraid to "**** things up" - most of the time the game will react appropriately. That is where Arcanum is truly brilliant (I only realized that after a couple of playthroughs).
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