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  1. That's silly. For that additional minor 2 stats boost, it should have been that 200 coppers NPC! Hopefully someone makes a mod to protest this! (Cruel 1)
  2. The blood pool dialogue said "any characters", so I should be able to do it... Intended or bug?
  3. Or at least someone to point me in the right direction of modding the game. I can't stand the running speed, and would like to change it at least 2-3 times faster.
  4. I know it's "super early" to ask something like this, but will the sequel feature the same protagonist or a new one? Will it be another kickstarter?
  5. Let me just start off by citing games where the protagonist has romance in them. The JRPGs Final Fantasy X, Persona 4, Ar Tonelico series - Final Fantasy X is heavily filled with cutscenes and graphically impressive during it's time. The role playing is pretty much limited to Tidus perspective as he travels around the world, Spira, with the characters he met there. At the start of the game, Tidus is portrayed as a bit whiny and shallow at the start, but over the journey that he had in Spira as a guardian for Yuna, his growth and eventual fate is ultimately satisfying to me. FFX has one
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