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  1. When you hit an enemy in melee (or if they hit you) you "melee engage" them. You can take a talent that lets you melee engage more than one enemy, I suggest you take that. Most enemies have AI that won't try to disengage, because you get a free attack on them with bonus to hit if they do.
  2. When using phrases search on this forum to search for a specifig bug and a possible work-around, I get the feedback that some or all of my words are too short. The phrase I was searching for was "Bao-dur won't talk to me", which is the bug I am experiencing. This phrase is actually 24 characters long, so the search engine's tacit assumption that it will get too many irrelevant results with words that short is obviously not true. Is there a possibility to fix the search so that people experiencing bugs that will most commonly be described with a series of short words can actually search fo
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