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  1. I'm surprised this was never fixed. For what it's worth, I never ran into the issue on PoE 2.
  2. Went through the directions step for step, after running the game as Admin the Continue button and Load button are still grayed out sadly, but thanks for the suggestion anyway.
  3. Unfortunately now even just having 1 save in the save folder is no longer working as a work around either.
  4. In fairness, this bug clearly isn't universally plaguing all players. Moving from a small sample size to release inevitably means finding bugs that weren't detected before. I understand it's very frustrating to encounter, but it's bound to happen. Not skipping the intro didn't help either sadly, but again thanks for the continued recommendations. Disabling cloud saves and removing all but 1 save from the folder so far seems to have worked on more than 1 trial now. Hopefully that helps to pinpoint the issue for you guys.
  5. So running as Admin originally worked, but I decided to exit the program and run as Admin again to confirm it was fixed, and now the issue is back. For some reason when I try to attach the output log or the DxDiag files the website gives me an Error No file was selected for upload even though the file name was showing up where it was supposed to. DxDiag:
  6. Just attempted a complete uninstall, shut down, reboot, install, shut down, reboot, play and the issue is still present. I verified the save file is in the correct folder after closing the game, but when I relaunch the game the "Continue" and "Load" buttons aren't selectable. Creating a new character and going to menu and trying to load from there only displays the autosave for that character. All save files remain in the "C:\Users\USER\Saved Games\Pillars of Eternity" folder after closing the game.
  7. Thanks for the suggestion, but sadly it didn't help. I even tried restarting Steam to ensure the change went through. I did some browsing and the saves are located in the proper folder, the game just won't recognize them for some reason.
  8. Originally this issue came about after a crash in Raedric's Hold where my saves disappeared. I restarted, got back to the hold, saved, quit the program, verified files on Steam (all of them were fine), relaunched the program, and all my saves were gone again. I decided to test to see if this issue was restricted just to this specific area. I started a new game and saved during the prologue. Games could be loaded until the game had been shut down. Once it was shut down all my save games disappeared again. I'm basically stuck between keeping the game running forever, or waiting for a patch.
  9. So I saved before trying the "To Siege Platform" door again and quit out of the program completely before attempting it again. When I relaunched the program there's no saves to load. Unsure what exactly is causing the issue, but I hope it gets addressed soon.
  10. Attempting to use the "To Siege Platform" door crashes my game. Even worse, when I tried to try it again after verifying Steam files when I Ctrl + Alt + Deleted the program it deleted all 3 of my save slots (Ctrl + Alt + Delete worked the first time without issue).
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