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  1. Long story short, I managed to beat Sly Crydel on PotD with a level 7 full party after about 2-3 hours of trying, but even then it felt very exploitative... Party was: Cipher (MC) fairly min maxed creation with max Might and Int and high Dex, very glass cannon only 4 Con. Eder (Built as a pure defensive tank with the +1 engagement weapon) Aloth (Has almost every level 4 and under spell, only level 3 spells I think at the time) Durance Kana Hiravias Here's the problem, the guy hits for 200-350!? I was pretty much in WTF mode when I saw that. My strategy ended up being using the li
  2. The backer portal said that I would be receiving the "Champion" edition of the game, so when I activated the game on Steam I checked and Steam is saying that I got the "Normal" edition of the game... Is there any way to make sure that I end up getting the right version?
  3. So if I played BG1 and BG2 with all of the popular difficulty mods activated (SCS, Ascension etc.) what difficulty would I want to play this at?
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