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  1. It bears repeating, those static action scenes are a fantastic idea. I also like the figure concepts, their aesthetics are great, except I have a few criticisms of the lady armor. First, more of her chest is exposed under the throat than on the man armor thanks to the low cut style; that's pointless and dangerous. Second, the curve of the plate emphasises she has a bosom, in comparison to the man's armor. That wouldn't be an issue if the man's armor were similarly curved up top, as I have seen such an armor at the MET; however, considering that both armors are likely from the same region and time period, they should probably have the same kind of curve. The main differences would likely be in the narrowness of the waste, and flair of the hip armor. By the way, I love the hat. Additionally, I think it makes sense they wouldn't be wearing leg armor, since leg armor slows and wears a person out faster than upper armors. The barbarian clothes strike me as cave dwelling dinasour hunter style, rather than any real primitive society. I would expect neater hems, especially with the use of asymetry.
  2. That's a good, original way to handle it, which also gets around dieties being uninterested in the realm of mortals; it declaires right off that, they do care, and are involved, if for no other reason than personal gain. So, they can embody stuff, and live in different dimensions, and grant boons, but just like anyone else, they care about dominance, and luxery. If magic only goes so far, then that's where being on the top of the heap, human labor, and civilization all work for an immortal super being. That leaves the question of, why religious leaders, not civil leaders. There could be both religious, and civil gods, as well as god king gods. We can take a page from history in how the religious became more and more specialized and split from government, while religious institutions maintained sway over everything, to waining degrees. All the hip gods, who realize they can gain luxery and power without all the day to day management opt to be religious leader/figureheads, and pass the boring work onto popes, and the like. The ones who really like human affiars, or who are crazy, are the actual day to day leader of their religion, or government. Then there are others who just don't care about that kind of thing; they accrue power in other ways, but they don't have formal cults, or governments backing them. They're the kind of god who just does what ever godly ambodying amuses them: becomes part of a pantheon, or starts a wheel right guild, or swims around the ocean pulling sailors to their drowning death, because that's what they're good at, and they have no ambition for anything more than that. That leaves things open for all sorts of divine organizations. Lone gods, crossover gods, family pantheons, pantheon by virtue of nothing more than cultural association gods, patron god of a city god, patron saint style gods, spirits of nicknack gods, and so on.
  3. I don't know how far you are willing to go, but I have a feeling you will accept some crazy and silly stuff. I like the twin gods idea, but I would do it as twin sisters who think and act as one. They combine their powers, making them very strong. They're not utterly identical, but they are close enough that you can't tell without being extremely observant. They're the goddesses of dance, fencing (all three kinds), and bait fish. I went to Pompeii once, and saw that picture of the guy with an arm size **** on a scale. That would be a pretty good god, as a god of fatherhood, and gigolos. Lesser known as the god of paternalism. Neutron, the neutral god, of neutrality, and disinterest (but not uninterest). "I have no strong feelings about this." There are no order and chaos gods, only the god of neutrality. He would be annoying, but he never feels strongly about anything, so he doesn't have a wacky crusade to keep an arbitrary balance of power in the unviverse. Prayer and sacrifice can bring his favor, allowing a person's perception of neutrality influence the world, or to bring neutrality to their own thoughts, or the thoughts of others. That also makes him a meditation, and relaxation god, to a certain degree, beacuse you can't actually enjoy yourself, or feel good, but you won't feel bad either. It also makes him extremely useful for certain medical proffessionals, those possesed by inquery, and judges. No death god, take the suprisingly practical approuch, with people giving it no mind beyond it being a natural part of the world, not to be worried about. If it has to be mystical, it can still be a natural system in theology, not actually controlled by a particular god. Doing that also avoids Santa syndrome, where he as to be everywhere at once, or super fast. Annually, on the most ironic day of the year, this god gives surprisingly perceptive gifts to those who don't deserve them, as well as extremely generous gifts, which he thinks are ironic, to the needy, but which everyone loves. He laughs because no one understands the joke, which isn't any good anyway, but he doesn't care. He is also the messenger god, and theif god. He's not fast, just everywhere before anyone else. This god is one of a species of land based, photo synthesizing, meat eating, plant cephelod which died off millennia ago. Breeding occurs by a male injecting a subject, leading to mental and physical alterations, which in the mortal form, drives the subject to seak out a female of the extinct species. If successful, the female uses an ovipositor to implant an egg, without killing the host, which has been driven to produce the male's sperm, in a process similar to how virii convert host cells to produce more virii. Once combined, a second mental and physical change occurs, driving the subject to find a hiding place, where it will eventually be consumed by the maturation process, and any remains are eaten by the young. Additionally, pheremones are produced to drive off predators. As the last remaining god of the species, breeding cannot occur, but the drive to breed cannot be contained... it will strike out at any creature within range, and because of its godly nature, the control and changes which occur are completely, and continuously, controllable by the forgotton god. It is possible to comunicate with the being, but extreme caution must be taken. The more you split things, the more emphasis that activity has: God of small boats. Goose of rigging. Goddess of large ships, and small trade ships. Sister goddess, of warships, of independent action. Third sister goddess, of warships, of combined action. Brother god of sea melee, and inability to swim. Grants favor to those who can't swim, by either saving them after falling in the water, or preventing falling in at all. The calking god. Horse of sea salt. Pig of swimming, and currents. Actively dislikes those who can swim.
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