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  1. Gods of the endless task. Two gods that can't ever be together (sun and moon, fire and water something like that) that like to send letter to each other. Make it a quest to send a letter or parcel to the other one back and for a very long time. Sometimes gifts or ask you to get them some random item for the other to enjoy. Most of the letters are just something like "How are your flowers doing?" "Just fine, thanks for asking, how about yours?" etc. Eventually after like 100 deliveries, they finally give you something as a thanks. Could be useful or ironic. God of furry animals. You kill a random innocent animal like a bunny or frog that was not aggressive (or even a flower you step on) and the god comes down, and as revenge, turns you into that very animal. Then you see yourself (being possessed by the animal you killed) attack you and you have to run for your life, but you die eventually and then you turn back and he tells you to be nicer next time or it will be permanent. God of the ugly. This god thinks that ugly is great because no one bothers him. You piss him off and he punishes you by making you more beautiful. God of eternal pause. You pause the game too long and this god come on the screen and tries to guess what you are doing while the game is paused. God of the careful what you wish for. This god is like a genie where you can ask for something but in the long run you will regret it. God of the winds, has an amulet that is in 4 pieces and each piece is on the 4 corners of the map, if you find all the pieces and bring them to the temple somewhere in the middle, you will be granted a fast travel route from the edges of the map.
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