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  1. Okay, I saw the chance to have an input on Divine creation from my email related to the Kickstarter so I jumpedt at the chance to sign up on here and place my input. I've been designing my own world with all of its rules, divines (all angelic-tier for more interesting conflicts) and what not so I'll try to work in something unique. So what have I got to present? Name: Durendia, Mallenion, Jothr, Light, Kalihast, whatever. For the sake of the description, I will call it by Mallenion. Purpose: A great Divine Entity Meant for whatever it is willed Description: Mallenion is faceless, rather a collection of great power so concentrated that it has a sort of collective conscience, it can be very much responsible for the management of leystreams to the mortal plane so that the world may have magic (optional detail of course) but that is far from its only task. For as long as it has existed, Mallenion has been heralded forth by Gods and great Mortals alike to tap into its power. For Gods, it allows them control over dominions that aren't theirs, for man, it can summon great armies from the earth, sky, and water, in other cases, it can be used to bring life to a land that is dead or save others from dying. But just because you are a god or great mortal does not mean Mallenion must bend to your will. In fact, Mallenion has at many times ignored the pleas of summons of others. It's hypothesized that Mallenion may have self-interests in mind in what it does. Mallenion may also be an alternative in the afterlife. Some may believe that becoming apart of the power brings you to a sense of paradise and bliss as you watch over the world or wander the divine plane/mortal plane until time itself ends. That's the best I could think of, it's loosely based off Brahman from Hinduism. If you like it, feel free to alter in any way till it fits.
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