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    Pen/paper RPG's. I've been playing since age 9, and running games since age 12, and I still run at least 2 D20 games every week at age 34. Planescape Torment was one my favorite computer games ever as it had the richest and most unique game world that I've played in a D and D computer RPG.


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  1. Priest- They should be part warrior and part healer. They should have some sort of special ability using there holy symbol. You could loot unique holy symbols that allow you to add effects to your holy abilities, you could also make them out of unique precious metals for added effect. Everybody always assumes that undead are the only creature that priests are specialized against, but they could be fighting demons and devils (exocisms), abberations (wards against alien beings), and elementals (raw forces of nature). The judao christian model of priests are not the only style of holy men and women. Budist monks can practice martial arts, how cool would a martial arts priest be? Again, an unarmored priest may be a unique version. They could have better powers, more spells, or extra channeling type powers. It would be the difference between cloisted priests and the crusading ones. Lets see diety favored weapons make it into the game for further customzation of priests of various deities. I'd like to see good, evil, and some unorthodox deities as well. God of thieves for rogue style priests, god of elements, a god that seems like it's from an HP Lovecraft novel (alienist priest?), god of peace, god of time (chronomancy), etc. So many great ideas for deities out there.
  2. Rogue- This is going to be a mature game, and as such I want the rogue to be real charming or nasty character. They should have unique dialog options to charm or swindle. They should do groin shots, eye gouges, and should have dialog to surprise attack right from the get go. They should have abilities to move fist in the round even if they don't get to attack. Tactics should work into their play style. They should be able to haggle prices down at shops, or even steal. Unarmored rogues should be just as viable as light armored. Unarmored rogues should be able to bluff and disguise better than your traditional rogue in leather armor. I think since they use acrobatic more, it isn't inconcievable that they could be martial artists. Everyone puts martial arts in the fight realm but it actually makes more sence with rogues. You don't have to add honor to martial arts. I'de love to see a Krav Maga type martial arts added as an option for rogues. I want to be able to climb buildings and cliffs. I want to be able to find my own entrence into places. I should be able to string ropes to places to access hidden locals. This adds to excitment and replayablility. You should be able to set traps, especially in dungeons and forests. If there is a dungeon chasm deep below ground, let the fighter go around the chasm. The rogue can go OVER the chasm and jump! Avoiding dungeon hazards is what a rogue is all about. They should be able to get into parts of dungeons other can't.
  3. Warrior- I'd like to see differences between weapons. I want a mace and a sword to have many different feats or abilities that make them distinctive weapons. I think there should be weapon groups that provide different bonuses and options, in a manor similar to Skyrim. I want to be as viable as a warrior in light armor as I am with heavy. There are so many manuvers to be done as a light armored fighter. There is also something to be said about wearing the heaviest armor under the sun and going to town. Light armor should allow tumbling and quickness feats, while heavy should give greater damage reduction and less criticle hits taken. I would love to be able to forge my own weapons. You should gain customizations that you could seldom get without crafting your own weapons and armor. Of course you have to put training into crafting as well so it is a good balance. You could then use monster parts to be able to make unique weapons and armor with unusual qualities to them. Different stances and manuvers would be great, and when combined with different tactics for weapon types, would greatly add to customization. Stances designed for certain weapons would be a lot of fun. Imagine a berzerk style designed around a greatclub. I want to feel brutal and look damn good doing it. I would like to see more armor styles than just the average game. I want to see halfplate, lamelar, brigandine, oriental great armor, and breastplate. I want different cultures to wear different styles of armor. Aztec style fullplate, demonic leather, and english style chainmail are all examples of how you can add cultual flare to standard armor.
  4. Mage- I would like the memorization. Picking your spells was always a huge key to success, but I would like the option to be able to cast out of my book for non emergency and utility spells. Basicly, things that you won't need to whip out on the fly. It would be great to see familiars in the game, and have them impact your adventuring career. Being able to target your familiar, for the delivery of spells would be great, they would be your hands in the field so to speak. Being able to loot special focuses for you spells would be great! You could use that liches skull as a focus for necromancy, or an ancient permafrost stygian icicle as a focus for your cold based spells would be great. It would add nonmagical loot into the game that would be worth keeping the whole game. Even affixing these objects to a staff, or in a specialized slot would add customzation potential. I would also like to be able to become proficient with nonmage weapons if I devote training or feats to it. It allows the kind of Elminster style characters to the game. Plus casting through a sword or hammer, would feel pretty damn cool. I will post on other classes soon.
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