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  1. I don't really see where this statement fits into the rest of your post which seemed to root for taking the game in mature and unexpected directions. I for one, and the same goes for my players - prefer moral ambiguities, hard choices and adventures where their path is not laid out for them. Like yours, however, they enjoy political themes and intrigue - even opportunities to betray or trick each other. Personally, I would like to see PE step away from arbitrary notions of what is right and wrong. Do the unexpected, play with the player's assumptions and expectations. Have far-reaching conse
  2. Much as I enjoy scheming wizard organisations and the like, the Harpers are a fictional organization native to the Forgotten Realms, this isn't a FR game. I think what you are advocating is to have the player be confronted with/by a group and their schemes, possibly at semi-regular intervals throughout the story - without understanding the ramifications of their actions until, (either through a big reveal, or simply when you figure it out yourself) there is a - pardon the expression - brick-sh*tting experience as the pieces fall into place? Or do you really simply want the harpers or a
  3. I too, must confess I'd much, much rather see a return (perhaps refined) of BG2's excellent inventory management. Inventory tetris or no, I'd focus on fixing the few issues BG2's system had - such as the frustratingly cumbersome step-by-step approach you had to take to moving items between characters sometimes. When opening a container, I would be much relieved if I could choose what character picks up what. Furthermore, taking size as well as weight into account is an idea I would like to see expanded upon. A suit of chain mail, while heavy, is easily collapsible and not hard to fit down
  4. There was a comment on the youtube video that, while crudely put, deserves some recognition - if we can at all avoid a zombie-ish apocalypse as a looming threat in the Eternity storyline, I would be very pleased and doubly grateful. What is it about the undead that make them restless every time there's an adventure to be had? That said, I expect good things from the story, and truth be told I can put up with any number of tropes if we can but have player choices that relate to their character's (perceived) personality instead of subscribing to the tired and arbitrary "good / evil / neutral
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