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  1. On my system pulling up the save menu slows to a crawl around the 50 save mark. By 80 saves it takes upwards of 10 seconds for the menu to pull up. I have to go into windows explorer and manually archive my saves every couple of hours to keep the save menu responsive.
  2. An even simpler fix for the too-many saves problem would be to only show the newest 15 saves or so in the menu, with a "show older saves" button that loads the rest. It is uncommon to need to access more than 15 saves back, and I could deal with slow load times in those circumstances. This would solve the issue of all save operations being very slow with large numbers of saves.
  3. Tangentially, the regular save menu takes longer and longer to open the more saves you have. I only have 70 saves so far and already it is up to 5 seconds for the save menu to open (the directory the game decided to write saves to is on my mechanical HD). I suspect that this is due to the game loading thumbnails for every save, requiring a ton of disk reads to display the menu. I think the game should fall back to reading filenames only and loading other content on click once you pass 50 saves or so. At this rate the save menu will take literal minutes to open by the time I finish the game (in most RPGs I rack up a few thousand saves per playthrough).
  4. I just hope that you aren't forced to be the good guy, or a good guy who happens to do a lot of bad things but ultimately saves everyone. What if I want to take over the world with forbidden magic? An evil ending lets you take the plot in different and interesting directions, allowing the exploration of more sophisticated literary themes and potentially doubling the replayability.
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