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  1. Um... I don't see my title under my username... Is that normal? Sorry, SinForged. I am the one to blame. When you post in here, I pass these on to Fionavar, so that he doesn't have to try and check this thread all the time amid his already really-busy schedule being a High Drag... I mean, Moderator, and stuff. I've been sending him batches about once per day, but there've just been so many coming in (now that everyone's getting the game and stuff, and has kinda been all "Oh yeah! Forum title! Forgot about that!") that, a few often come in after I've been able to monitor the thread for the day. Anywho, I shall get you situated. Worry not, Thanks, I see the title now. Sorry for the late reply, I've been a bit busy.
  2. Um... I don't see my title under my username... Is that normal? As posted by Fionavar: Just give it a day or two. If it takes too long, you can also send Fionavar a personal message about it, if you think your post was overlooked. Okay, Sorry if I came across as a little impatient. I'm fine with waiting, I just wasn't sure if I was checking the right thing. BTW is the Obsidian Order cloak the kickstarter item or is it an Obsidian Order exclusive thing? I'm just wondering, since I didn't get anything else that could be the kickstarter item.
  3. I haven't had the issue since, and I've made a few characters. I'm not sure if I ever closed the game when I had the issue, but I had my computer on the whole day, so maybe reseting the game or your computer? Or maybe it's just random.
  4. No, I don't really use alt-tab that much. However, I started a new game (didn't like my character build... Already tried out two or three builds before hand...) and I didn't have the problem. Weird thing is, now that I think about it, I don't think I had this problem with my first character. When I started a new character yesterday, this problem started. I'm gonna try starting another character real quick and see if the problem happens again. Also, I mixed up the dialog in the first dungeon. She said "storm has to die sometime" in the dialog after you go futher into the ruins. I can't seem to find an edit button for my post though... Anyway, I'm gonna check that out now.
  5. I forgot I had to post here for this... I want to be known as "SinForged of the Obisidian Order". Lame, I know, but I couldn't think of anything, so I used my username...
  6. I have this problem, though for me it only seems to effect the female fighter companion. Things I remember being effected are some of the banter she says when you come across things or talk to her (she doesn't say anything when you come across the bodies of the travelers/looters to the right of the bridge, when you talk to her after the second fight or when you are in the first dungeon, she only says part of the last word.) and a few parts of dialog. (when you enter the first dungeon, after Heodan says "A *spoiler*, surely." she only says "the storm has to stop sometime.") I'm on windows 8.1, playing the steam version.
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