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  1. Hello, After some advices, I take the GOG version, and I see a + 4 DLC but in I only have 3 dlc : What is this mysterious fourth DLC ? Something for later ? If someone has some clues for me, it's be nice. Have a good game.
  2. Hello, I'm not familiar with these platforms, so for my convenience, I have an desktop PC at work that I use for game during break time, so I just want to download my copy of PoE with my PC at Home and install it later on this PC. It wil be a problem ? I hope that I don't have to be connected at some moment for some validations because for my work PC, I have a very limited 4 G conection with only 200 Mo/Month ( Belgium is expensive for this kind of thing). It wil be unbelievable that I must take the game I kickstarted on a piracy site to play at my wish.
  3. Hello. For me all are good but not for the group only for the character making the action with a calculation between the class, the action, the possibility to make this action and the result. So a thief must learn form lock and traps, a fighter from a fight and so one but with a the xp downing after a while. Example: I'm a fighter and I kill a wolf, I got some xp, for the first five same xp but after half the xp, quarter and after ten kills, 1 % because you learn very few from repeatly making the same action after a while. For a mage, when using not learning a spell, the same system but after nothing except if he make a new sequence, so for me it's will push the player to discover the other spells and don't be stuck on the same spells for all (BURN THEM ALL !!). For a thief,if you disarm or unlonck the same mechanism ten times there is no challenge! I'ts just my opinion and sorry for my english.
  4. I was thirty-two old when I play BG 1 but I start on TRS-80, ZX-80, Vic-20, C-64, ZX-Spectrum, Asmtrad PC 1512 for my early computers, I learn programming with them and find graphics wonderfull at that time (some one has try really to play an CGA games and appreciate the graphics after played an AAA FPS Adventure during some hours ?) So damned times with the Eye of the beholder, ultima series, lands of lore, might and magic but baldur's gate have all I wanted so since it I don't have a real pleasure with the new production whom seems more fps that RPG ( like skyrim, beautiful but archimage after learning three spells ?). A good game for me must have a good script and the graphics (so the more consumming resource on a computer) come after so I expect little specs so evryone can enjoy the game. PS: Sorry for the english but I'm a belgian from the french part .
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