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  1. Quite so, thank you for your comment. What I wonder about now is the dialouge between them.
  2. Hello, extremely new here and I was wondering if the concept of bows were completely replaced with guns or will there be both? If there are both maybe we could have a converstation between an establish archer and a gun wielder as an NPC converstation or something of the like. I would love to see how bows could stand up to guns. Also would guns still use dexterity or would it be more based on percision? I'm assuming you would need less strength because of recoil instead of drawing the bow. Sorry if this has been answered long ago, I'm just a huge fan of bows and would love to be pointed in the
  3. I personally enjoyed the quest from BG II with the shadows. The darkness temple with Mazzy. I loved that adventure. Traps everywhere and you had to explore every part. It was great. I personally love the exploration in BG II. I believe that you should be able to find random quests in the wild, after all, not everyone lives in a city.
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