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  1. Just out of curiosity, did the Baldurs Gate series use any kind of level scaling? If memory serves me right, that system worked just fine, I don´t see why the need to change it. For example,I remember how good it felt when I FINALY beat those lyches in Athakla. It was a sure sign my party grew. I missed that in the last two Elder Scrolls. I had almost no sense of how more powerful my character is becoming, apart from getting better equipment. Even that was mostly dissapointing, since most opponents constantly had only slightly worse type of armour and weaponry than myself, and I could craf
  2. I´m all for this idea! I´ve been practicing WMA (western martial arts) for a few years now and it would be beyond awseome to see my P: E character in a stance apropriate for the weapon he is using. The thing is, historicaly acurate European medieval marshall arts have gained a lot of popularity over the past years, and we now now for certain how to properly use a hand and a half sword, how to fight with bucklers and "short" swords (for the lack of a better word), we now know for a fact that greatswords are NOT slow, we know how to fight with a halbred, a partisan, a scythe etc,... It
  3. Of course that wearing different armor should grant different benefits, just not in the protection department. We all know this is a fantasy game, but it has to have its own internal logic to adherre to. If leather was a material just as hard as metal, what would that mean for the people living in that world? What of the animals? The architecture? The truth is, if you want protection, you go for plate. And thats it. If you want to be an agile dual rapier wielder, than leather or chain will certanily be better suited for your fighting style. I really don´t see the issue here. Or if you want
  4. Boy, a lot has been said here and you will excuse me if I didn´t read all the 27 pages of discussion! First of all, I voted "against", but mostly beacuse I see no reason to change the reward mechanics from games such as BG, ID, PT, Fallout 1&2, etc. I think they worked perfectly fine, and they´ve been implemented in what many people, including myself, consider to be some of the best games ever made. The possibility to gain experience for every kill never made me play a murdering psychopath, and I´ve never felt like I´m missing on something or that my character is somehow less powerfull
  5. Why wizards shouldn't wear armor? Well that's easy; plate armor is very, very heavy. And no, wearing a suit of full plate armor is not the same as wearing shoes. So, why not make wearing armor a strength based thing? I mean, it will not present any kind of a problem to someone who is trained in the art of war and is used to wearing plate or some other kind of heavy armor. I think it makes no sense to make a mage forbidden from wearing armor, but a guy who spends his life not lifting anything heavier than a book, and puts a 50 lbs suit of armor on, will pretty much be unable to perform even
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