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  1. May I add that good mail, like hammered flat rings with rivets, weights less than half of a simply low quality mail, and has a lot greater protection. But a good new mail was generally ten or twenty time more costly. I don't have the documents right now, but I think that a normal bascinet was about equal to yearly total pay of a good apprentice, in medieval Milan... ok, not really important, I just like to talk.
  2. It's not as much that studded leather hasn't an historical precedence, it's that it doesn't make sense, it's an error made somewhere in the beginning of the "standardized fantasy setting". Historically, the "studs" were the heads of rivets to keep in place the metal plates on the other side of leather or cloth.
  3. Nor does air. My quote was from the famous Lightning Safety Sheet of the National Weather Service. MYTH: Rubber Tires Protect You From Lightning In A Car By Insulating You From The Ground TRUTH: Lightning laughs at two inches of rubber! Most cars are reasonably safe from lightning. But it’s the metal roof and metal sides that protect you, not the rubber tires. Thus convertibles, motorcycles, bicycles, open shelled outdoor recreational vehicles, and cars with plastic or fiberglass shells offer no lightning protection. Likewise
  4. Actually, Lightning laughs at two inches of rubber. You may be safer in a full metal armour if it acted like a faraday cage. But that's a little OT.
  5. Leather only armor in roman times is a somewhat disputed topic, but, in mantaining a somewhat coherent view, there were light armors in post-roman times, but no leather armor. So, what I think is that, when (for example) a Milanese type armor becomes available, there should be better and more economical types of light armor. If the loom was invented, a gambeson would offer better protection be more mantainable and probably be more economical to produce than a leather lorica segmentata.
  6. Hello, I ask forgiveness in advance if I'm repeating someone, I can't read the whole thread right now. Couldn't the whole concept of "leather armour" be left aside? As far as I know, there isn't a lot of historical instances of "leather armour" (beside maybe cuir bouilli), and i'm pretty sure it wasn't used in medieval time. In particular, the whole concept of "studded leather" is a fantasy misinterpretation of the rivets that kept the defensive plates on cloth or leather in armors like a wisby coat of plates. I know we're talking about fantasy, but couldn't a game be fantasy but w
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