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  1. People taking issue with armor types that did not coincide or appear historically should realize that this is a fantasy world and that such considerations should not necessarily matter. I honestly couldn't care less if two armor types that would never have been seen side-by-side in European history can be seen side-by-side in PE since, thankfully, PE is not set during our history or even in our world. Same deal with armor in PE behaving just as a rough counterpart in the real world would have. Those same people should be taking issue with the existence of magic, mythical creatures, invented wo
  2. Adding to my previous post, the "material tier" system would work for all armor types. Having a variety of metals would be cool. Having regionally/geographically/culturally unique armor would be great, would incentive travel and exploration, and would just make a lot of sense. What would be REALLY cool is having levels of blacksmiths. Maybe there are two or three really famous blacksmiths, 8 or so pretty famous ones, a dozen regionally renowned ones, and then a bunch of averages ones (those particular numbers are arbitrary, of course). It would be assumed that blacksmiths were making most of t
  3. Damn, for some reason only part of my post was saved. To sum up the first half briefly: I dislike the "+1" system since it felt arbitrary. Having a more nuanced material system and various sub-categories therein makes a lot more sense. So, for example, you have deer hide, bear hide, dire wolf hide etc. Each hide type is different in some way - you could have some that are slightly heavier, others that are more pliant, and so on. Armor should also be modifable - if I want to add a light sheet of chain links beneath my hide, I should be able to do that with the requisite skill or at the app
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