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  1. For those who did not play TOEE to higher levels, you have no idea what modern turn-based CRPGs can bring. Before I played TOEE I was neutral about turn-based combat in CRPGs. Of course, I really enjoyed playing BG series, IWD series and other similar games like dragon age, but when I pulled out my dusty copy of TOEE to actually try it(when it first came out it was too buggy to play and I just stashed it and forgot about it) my preference leaned heavily towards turn-based combat. As someone mentioned earlier, fighting 30 poorly equipped goblins with a party of 5 is not boring at all in TOEE, as you can cleave through 5 or 6 enemies at a time with a single warrior with Greater Cleave in one turn. You really do not have to spam fireballs to get through these encounters to keep the game entertaining with a well-thought out combat engine. Another thing that I really liked about TOEE style combats were attacks of opportunity. I think AoO adds a significant tactical aspect to the combat as you really need to think about where you want to place your characters. With the AoO system, you do not have to add in a gimped MMO style threat system to use your fighters as tanks(like in the DA series), since AoO already allows the front line to perform as a protective wall for your mages and archers. In a real-time engine, AoO is almost impossible to implement well since each characters will be active all at once. Eternity will not use the DnD rule set like TOEE did, but with similar implementations, it is definitely possible to create a non-boring TB combat engine.
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