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  1. without all the extra quotes, I have gotten a lot of polls and surveys from other kickstarters. I dont think this really is on topic to the thread though, please feel free to contribute though. Keeping in the vein of my own suggestion: Inter party interaction: Some NPCs are more interactive with eachother then others. I really dont need it to be my character that is having the romance, but to see it happen from the sidelines is interesting. Going from hate, with a little guidance and encouragement to something better. Or Twisting it to hate is neat too. I would love to see life move around
  2. I really think the quickest way to get the core of the matter is really quite simple. Obsidian should send out a survey to all it's backers via email. The question is simple, the answer is Yes, or No. Extra options are unneeded, as yes or no forces you to think for a moment. Even if you dont care, do you care that other people are going to enjoy/ hate it? it will reflect in the answer. the rest of this is just me rambling, feel free to tl/dr. If it ends up being yes, for the love of god no Me3 style "here is your extra ending with extra resentment, and some spit in the face". Why do I like
  3. Looked through all this and it seems like we have a mixed crowd with leanings towards romance. Here is what I've got to say. When i saw the kickstarter for this game, i ****ing geeked out. got really excited, showed my wife. Told her all about the Baldurs gates series, etc. When i was deployed she had played neverwinter nights, neverwitner nights 2, dragon age, when i got back mass effect, later on trying dragon age 2, mass effect 2 and 3. I was happy to share this with my wife, and she really liked the games because of the romances. I feel like they added alot to them, but were ignorable for
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