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  1. (Re)rolled my first barbarian, got half an hour in and found myself having to use Gaun's Pledge. Bad move, as suddenly every enemy surrounding me went from 1-2 dots to full, with the combat log informing me of Carnage(Gaun's Pledge). I highly assume this is a bug, and it kind of turned me off continuing as a barbarian. Can't play with the risk of a beneficial effect suddenly AoE'ing to all the enemies in the middle of an important fight.
  2. I'd like gods that can be seen in history to have evolved with the people and cultures that worship it. The god itself might be immutable, but its scripture is not. Make the gods represent something fundamental to sentient life - not just the biological cycle - and have them have evolved over time. The different gods might have changed names and be considered separate by the faithful, but the scholars who peruse the old scrolls know better than the fanatics. You can have more 'primordial' gods alongside this. Gods that represent the biological cycle. These need not be anthropomorphic but reflect different animal forms depending on mood and context. Sentients might try and give them anthropomorphic traits, but ultimately they only relate on the base level. At an even lower level you have fundamental forces. Gods that might be perceived as thinking and acting, but who really don't. These are alien in scope, uncaring for the aberration of life. These forces seek by nature to work against anything that try to change their domain. They provide inertia against the power of souls changing reality, ultimately prohibiting mortals (and other gods) from molding creation like clay. They are what keeps mortals from truly being reality warpers.
  3. A god of Sanity and Mental Fortitude, who is also the god of secrets. A god who allegedly knows all secrets in shape and form and who actively wants to share this information, but who also know that mortals have to earn their knowledge or risk being overwhelmed (at least according to its scripture and priesthood). This is a god who seems to want the best for mortals, but somehow ends up being the one who takes the most indirect of approaches. Paradoxically it is exceedingly rare for any piece of information to be traced back to this god, but at the same time people keep attributing new breakthroughs and the uncovering of ancient secrets to this god, even if no connection can be made. In short a god who tries to prepare mortals for the truths of the universe while maintaining their personal and cultural sanity. Ultimately a god of progression, who allegedly already knows the road. Secondarily a god of meditation and personal strength, who promotes the idea of a clear and sound mind and who scorns any and all forms of intoxication. The image of the god would be a hooded figure clasping a huge tome while holding a key towards the viewer in an outstretched hand. Its priesthood would consist of librarians and scholars. Followers would be patrons of the arts and the like, any people who seek to promote enlightenment and truth-seeking in an ordered manner.
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