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  1. Patch 1.06 Steam version I've started playing again after a multiple week hiatus and I've noticed some sound bugs that may be tied to my save files (based on what I read on another forum, though it was the only similar issue I could find). First off, when "reaching out to souls" the loud bassy sound effect that normally accompanies it doesn't play. No difference between main quest or kickstarter backer characters. Might be related, when paused characters don't make acknowledgement sounds anymore when I click on them, I noticed that when I'm reaching out to souls the game is paused as well so it might be the same bug disabling both sets of sound effects. Attach files isn't letting me upload my save for some reason, even the <1mb one, hopefully it's something I can fix from this end if anyone's had similar problems.
  2. Hi, enjoying the beta so far, but something really odd happens when I zoom in with the mouse wheel. It's not too obvious while wandering around, the only clue it happens is when you're trying to zoom it doesn't seem to work, the fog of war waxes and wanes on the boundaries of the screen. In combat though, once some spells start to get thrown around and you pause to get a better view of what you're trying to click on, zooming appears to bring up a doubled image with the spell effects and the lighting they cast on the characters (zoomed in) with the actual characters still un-zoomed in the background. No Zoom Full Zoom Partial Zoom Full Zoom
  3. How about Steve Buscemi, god of the individual forks of lightning that sprout from the main branches of a lightning strike. He was once a mortal who - obsessed with the concept of godhood - somehow managed to actually come into contact with one of them and was summarily converted into a being of pure ridiculousness. Fully aware of the stupidity of his current situation, he spent the next 10 years having to explain to everyone he came into contact with what happened at least 3 times each, and found it utterly confusing that some of them actually decided to worship him afterwards. After all he was not given any godlike abilities or qualities, he was simply named as such. His journeys, travels and subsequent demise at the hands of a phallic-shaped falling tree branch are documented in the 300-page epic "The Death of a Gdo" which unfortunately suffered from an obvious misprint at release.
  4. Well to be honest I was hoping for a more action oriented combat system, I have an extreme dislike of the way spells are handled in all D&D games (rest, pick spells you want to use for next day, hope that you're lucky enough that you won't have to use them 'til they run out) and I was hoping they wouldn't resurrect it. The clunkiness of the old D&D systems really gets to me, I couldn't even get through ToEE recently because that ridiculous circle menu just broke my brain. Admittedly it'd be pretty difficult to implement a hack/slash system in a game where you have to essentially play 4-6 different characters at a time. Something like Dungeon Siege III with Dragon Age's (admittedly shallow) Tactics system is the feel I'm looking for. I'll return to this once I give it more thought...
  5. I'd like to know what actual combat mechanics are going to be like in Project Eternity. In update 16 of the kickstarter (Combat with Tim) Tim mentions things like countering and flanking, different stances and charging, and refers to it as a close-combat system. Since watching the video I've been pretty interested in how combat mechanics are going to be implemented in the game (you know stuff like left mouse is melee attack, WASD movement that kind of thing). Is combat going to be like: Baldur's Gate 1 and 2 (real-time tactical pause classic D&D) Planescape Torment (real-time tactical pause massively downplayed combat omg wisdom ishouldvelistenedtomybrotherthosespellsdatdialogue) Fallout (turn-based action points stat rolls) Temple of Elemental Evil (turn-based D&D) Neverwinter Nights 2 (real-time tactical pause modern D&D) Dragon Age: Origins (real-time tactical pause D&D-free) Or maybe even: Dungeon Siege III (isometric hack/slash action rpg) Mount and Blade: Warband (3rd-person action rpg hack/slash combat) Oh by the way, I'm Lucien1337 just joined and also donated to the kickstarter, 2 years is a long time but frankly I can't wait!
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