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  1. Are the other products going up now or just the steam keys? I don't see my collector's edition digital items in the products list yet (other than the royal edition key)
  2. Hmm, only my hero addition is currently showing up. I had an additional hero one and a collectors edition. NM, they're both showing up now. YAY
  3. This is really screwing over their backers who are on 56.6k or worse.
  4. Or they send them out Thursday. Some particularly touchy people might see that as a slap in the face to their backers, but Obsidian isn't obligated to get out the backer keys in time for the release of the game. They only need to get them out eventually.
  5. My backer beta key just disappeared from my products page.
  6. That didn't sound too positive. Based on those impressions, it looks like they'll probably give the game a C review or whatever their equivalent score is with some of the cons being confusing combat, and overly cramped encounters.
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