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  1. Thank you everyone for their warm welcomes; glad to be here. Also, that's quite a nice haul you have there, Grand Master. Makes me a little jealous too. :3
  2. Nonsense. There's no such thing as overdoing it so long as thou meant it. I gift thee many thanks for your eloquent greeting, my fleet-footed friend. Edit: I've already taken care of that prior to posting here.
  3. Speaking as both a Gamer and an avid Role Player, I tend to prefer that magical items be a rare specialty that one comes across only after great hardship, luck, or exploration. It feels not only more realistic, but also so incredibly satisfying when you actually do claim said piece of gear and learn the story behind it. You earned the right to use said item. In the grand scheme of things, in terms of legendary weapons anyway, you're just another wielder added to the list in the item's illustrious history before it's lost once more only to be found again years later.
  4. *Pokes his head in and glances around* If possible, I'd like to claim "Bladesinger" of the Obsidian Order.
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