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  1. One thing that Bioware, Black Isle, and Obsidian have not done is explore many of the other areas of the world. Faerun is just one continent one whole world. BG 1&2, ID 1&2, and NWN 1&2, only really occupy one sliver of land on the western coast, about 1/30 of the whole continent. If anyone has read the novels (like me) you would know there is ALOT of material that still has not been gone over. The Campaign Book for FR alone has about 150 pages on just the geography. Lands can differ from anything form Mediterranian, African, Exotic Jungles, Arabian, and even an entire country shaped after ancient Eygpt. Theres alot of untapped material I would like to see in video game form, the designers just need to go there.
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