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  1. Check your Order History again (under My Orders from the dropdown menu in the upper right corner). Should have an entry with the tier (+ any addons) you pledged for. Checked that one out already and only have my pledge from Pillars of Eternity showing up under "my orders" I didn't pledge through Fig though, that's why I'm asking
  2. Thanks for the response Maf, I'll wait until monday or tuesday and contact support if nothing has changed until then. To clarify: You can see your pledge for Deadfire under orders, can't you?
  3. Hey guys, quick question. I've backed Deadfire yesterday via PayPal, got an e-mail from PayPal already and also the "Order Confirmation" e-Mail from Obsidian. Is it supposed to look like this though (empty)? It doesn't seem to have registered my pledge or does it look like this for every one of you guys? When I click on my order history or products I can't see anything related to deadfire either, just from the old kickstarter campaign. Thanks and have a great weekend.
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