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  1. It's a valid point I think. Obsidian has earned the benefit of the doubt though. I don't recall much grindy or repetitive mechanics in their games. I don't think the individually rendered backdrops of the Infinity-style games lend themselves well to being endlessly repeated. You can't just copy/ paste assets from the environment over and over like in a fully 3D game. Or at the very least, you'd think it'd get boring to MAKE.
  2. Just because there are a ton of levels doesn't mean it's going to be samey and boring. This game is going to be lovingly and deliberately crafted, not randomly generated like a Diablo clone. For an example of how different environments can be, check out the Underdark in Baldur's Gate II. One minute you're in a dark cavern, the next in an Illithid lair, then next at the bottom of the ocean. Have some faith OP. Srsly.
  3. If there was some sort of video game reliquary, and only one game could be saved, Baldur's Gate II would be my choice. And it's not even close. For the cRPG genre, or any other.
  4. My favorite romance-able companion was always Viconia from Baldur's Gate II. She was exotic, super hot, and emotionally complex. She would run hot and cold (just like some of the women I've dated ) and had a really intriguing personality. Some of my most memorable moments came when my companions decided to talk to ME. In so many RPGs, you tend to forget that you're supposed to be adventuring with real people. Real people don't just sit there waiting for you to click on them.
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