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  1. Hello everyone,


    I'm having the same problem as the topicstarter. I don't know if his problem has been solved yet but i'll explain a little bit of my situation.


    So i played around 25h, been to the city and surroundings doing quests and when i encounter hiravias i get through his dialogue untill the promt come's up whom i'm to swith out for him joining my party and when i switched him with another character. Either both characters are gone from my party or everything stays the same (with my textbox saying that hiravias joined & then left the party for some reason)

    I tried multiple times, going through different dialogue line's from hiravias. I tried going to the keep afterwards and swithing characters there. But that doesn't help at all. He just doesn't want to join.


    And sometimes when hiravias "joined my gang", he's on a different spot on the (same) map. And when i talk to him, its like his in my party because i can ask him oppinion about my mission/friends etc. One time he was even in the keep map somewhere around the western bridge instead of going to the inn-like place with the different rooms.


    I left a save file here:


    Its the first link (i think) thats just near the guy





    Its very annoying since i can't progress and i want to wait a little bit before going further since this could be a faulty save file or something

    Try reading this thread, it has some more information on the matter. https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/88124-game-breaking-bug-cannot-change-party-303/

  2. Among the Sleep - Had great atmosphere, but it was too short, and the monsters stopped being scary once it became clear how little they could do to stop you. 5/10


    Five Nights at Freddy's - Had a lot of organic jump scares, but got repetitive fast. 7/10


    Goat Simulator - I suppose I got what I payed for. 6/10


    South Park: The Stick of Truth - Funny game, but towards the end, the DOT attacks made the combat too easy. 8/10


    Star Citizen: Arena Commander - The mechanics are solid, but the pay to win nonsense made this one hard to enjoy. I don't know what Cloud Imperium's deal is. Whenever they're criticized for the state of Arena Commander, they say the game is incomplete, and it will stop being pay to win when the persistent universe launches, but whenever they're criticized for their lack of progress on the persistent universe, they say the game is being released as a series of modules, and we should just enjoy the modules that are already out like Arena Commander until then. 6/10


    The Walking Dead Season 2 - "Tell me that you won't leave me." 9/10


    Wasteland 2 - The story wasn't as deep as I had hoped and the glitches were annoying, but the game made up for this with engaging combat and amusing factions. 8/10

  3. Question:


    The previous video has music in it.  This music is straight from Baldur's Gate.


    Does DA:I actually recycle tracks from previous Bioware games, or it just a video thing for the benefit of Youtubers?

    That same video series had tracks from KotOR, Skyrim, and Fallout 1, so I'm assuming it's the latter.

  4. Speaking of the Escapist, i never understood the the popularity of Jim Sterling. Why is that? I mean Angry joe is angry, Spoony is nitpicking, Yatzee talks fast with silly jokes...but i cannot find any hook on that Jim guy, nothing insightful really either. 

    I don't know why but when something sucks, I like to listen to someone give a long winded rant about it. He's just so delightfully pompous. He's not Yahtzee, but he's witty enough. Have you ever seen the video where he reads his Mass Effect 3 slashfic? That's the Jim Sterling people thank God for.



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  5. DA: Oblivion/Skyrim


    i. your character was a prisoner ---> check

    ii. you have an ability everyone don't have ---> check

    iii. you need to close the gate ---> check

    iv. you must seek power ---> check

    v. you become a messiah ---> check

    vi. .......

    I was under the impression that Martin Septim became the messiah in Oblivion.

  6. These are the issues BioWare community cares about because people who cared about anything else are no longer there (got banned or simply gave up long ago).


    So when you label the codexers "luddites" please remember that the BSN crowd is a nice snapshot of your "progressive" alternative.

    Right, because asking for ingame pajamas like BSN regulars is just as bad as this.

  7. DA:I = Oblivion + Skyrim + SWTOR + WoW +........


    It's a big NO for me


    I don't want to bother about this game any longer, the whole francise is destroyed for me, this is a huge disappointment....it is all wasted, ah, don't want to talk about it anymore...


    Dragon Age is dead.....

    I think I heard Baldur's Gate's theme at 5:44, and Fallout's Shady Sands theme at 6:49, uploader has quite the playlist.

  8. To Obsidian Entertainment and whomever else it concerns,


    As a fat ally, I am very much concerned about how body image will be portrayed in your upcoming title Project Eternity. Too often cRPGs equate obesity to gluttony and reinforce stereotypes that associate traditionally unattractive qualities with evil. This reliance on hackneyed tropes both demonstrates a lack of narrative depth and ultimately castigates loyal fans. Human bodies come in many different shapes and sizes, and I'd like the character creation process to reflect this fortunate reality. Perhaps PE could even provide social commentary on these serious issues by having one of the companions experience body image issues throughout the campaign. At any rate, I think that acceptance of fat lifestyles has been understated at best in previous Obsidian releases and I sincerely hope that this oversight is addressed for the future. I'm also very hopeful that the other members of this wonderful community will join me in proclaiming this forum to be fat-friendly. In summary, a cRPG that promotes a healthy body image is something for which I've been waiting an eternity, and Project Eternity could be that game.


    -mcmanusaur, Fat Ambassador

    Uh, is this like, supposed to be a parody of a BSN thread or something?

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