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  1. Man.... :facepalm:

    this is almost reverse trolling. Giving fodder to the people who think this is just about BioWare style romances. :getlost:

    He's not reverse trolling, he's just trolling. I would say the sig would be a dead giveaway.

    What's that supposed to mean? Haven't you ever played Mass Effect 3? Morinth got totally screwed by the writers, they turned her into a monster! She deserves a WAY better ending.

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  2. lolwut? Are you out of your mind? They can't show Muhammad in a video game. They can't even show Allah's name in a bathroom in a video game. There was this one CoD map where some arabian proverb was written on the mirror in a bathroom, someone complained because the proverb had Allah's name in it, and it's like, blasphemy to write his name in a bathroom or something, and Activision took it off the roster. Check it out. Muslims find ‘Call of Duty’ map offensive, Activision apologizes

  3. I want, a new Vegas (Wild Wasteland) option to turn Easter eggs off. Even though I always have my playthrough with it on I know some people feel an over indulgence of Easter eggs spoil the game for them.

    As for what could be in, I like to be surprised, but at least one reference each of Obsidians previous games would be a nice addition to the game.

    That might work, but before I got the PC version of New Vegas, I turned Wild Wasteland off nearly every time just so I could get the YCS-186. If this game does include an easter egg free mode like the one you described, hopefully there won't be any great items that can only be acquired with that mode on, or at least give the option to acquire them through console commands.

  4. In Diablo III the biggest easter egg can only be reached after gathering a large number of special items, and I think that Project Eternity should try something similar. They could include a few items from New Vegas as easter eggs, namely a can of Cram, a roll of duct tape, and an issue of La Phantoma, and after the player gathers these three items, something awesome happens. ; )


    ... Oh yeah, it should also have Fat F*ck Boone in it.

  5. Dragon Age II

    Come on bro, don't jerk us around.

    I'm dead serious, Dragon Age II was a very innovative game. It solved a countless array of problems, from boring things happening when a player pushes a button, to homophobic player companions, to unnecessarily complicated dialogue trees. I hope that Dragon Age III and Project Eternity both take this a step further, making conversations even more cinematic, adding potential LIs with a more inclusive range of sexual identities, and making the combat even more immersive.

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  6. Oh God, they have arrived. That didn't take too long.

    Like I said, BSN's romance forums are down. Where were we supposed to go, Facebook?


    I'm calling troll/sarcasm on this post

    I'm dead serious, Chris Priestly totally did close it. See for yourself.



    People may continue to read this forum, but currently only staff and moderators can post here.


    There is entirely too much fighting, rule breakage and petty bickering in the threads here.


    While we appreciate you like the characters the behavior of many people in this forum is against the rules and spirit we want on the BSN.


    We are investigating ways to improve this forum, but until we have a solution this forum is closed. DO NOT start "I love X character" threads in other forums or they will be closed and the people starting them will be banned until t a solution is reached. You are welcome to create Groups for people to discuss their favorite characters or romances. Many Groups have been created to support their favorite/hated characters, please continue to create more groups.


    You are welcome to send me solution ideas through Private Message.

  7. it did sound completely absurd and taken straight from the deepest pits of BSN, to be honest.

    Actually, that pit doesn't exist anymore. Chris Priestly has recently closed the Character and Romance forum on BSN 'cuz it got trolled too much.


    If they do romance, they should do it well. Don't make much content "romance exclusive" or make romances boring fanservice. Essentially, don't do them like (modern) Bioware would do them.

    I know what you mean, the Morinth romance in Mass Effet 3 was hella boring fanservice, they could have done a way better job. All she did was send Shepard an email, turn into a monster, and try to kill him on the last mission. It sucked, I wanted to 'mance her hella bad. Oh well, at least we got to see her naked, how many other LIs from Bioware games can make that claim?


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