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  1. Alright guys, with the blessings of Josh Sawyer and Nick Carver I can share one of the new subclasses. I'm picking the Wizard one because I think people will really enjoy it!


    Subclass: Blood Mage


    Description: Devoted to the belief that blood fuels the power of the soul, Blood Mages walk a painful and self-destructive path to arcane mastery. Though reputable animancers have discredited their beliefs, those few that have witnessed blood magic cannot deny that gratuitous self-harm can indeed preface unbelievable - often terrible - magical events.



    • Gain Blood Sacrifice - Draw upon your own lifeforce to fuel your magic when others could not. Receive a variable amount of Raw Damage in order to restore a spell level of equal or lesser proportion to the damage received. After use, wizard spells will receive a bonus to Power Lever for a short time.
    • Gain passive health regeneration.


    • Unable to use Empower
    • Defenses against bloodied attackers are reduced




    But in all seriousness I am super excited to see what the others are. Hope to see them soon in the beta patch!

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    What difference does it make if the mode is just renamed?  Surely that'll just mean it's another mode you won't be able to do?  How is it any different?



    What about the achievement related to the new mode that this gets moved to?  Or we saying that we can't have achievements that disabled people can't realistically complete, is that it?

    Hi Yosharian,


    My suggestion to move "no-pause" to a separate achievement is to preserve it for those players who still want to attempt it. I don't want to remove other players' choices or achievements!


    Consider the "solo mode" challenge; the devs didn't make it a God Challenge, but instead made it a *separate* difficulty option (Triple Crown Solo vs. Triple Crown). This was what I had in mind for the "no-pause" challenge.


    I appreciate everyone's feedback, and hope the devs will take it into account along with my suggestion!



    Wouldn't the same issue be present then? People who have accessibility issues won't be able to get the separate "no pause" achievement either. I personally don't care about achievements but for those who do the problem is still there.


    Sour to all the rogue and ranger etc players with hardly sht.

    I found a sheet that listed how much reactivity each class has and it's sad how few some have. What's sadder is Steel Garrote has more than the Darcozzi Paladini and it's a cut class!



    Damn shame. Darcozzi is an interesting class. On another note I did a mod of my own which allowed me to have the "Soldier" background. That had a dialogue check in Poko Kohara.

  4. That does sound very odd. Boarding ships tend to always be much much harder from my experience and it seems like they balanced it more around sinking the ship. In any case have you considered using console commands to  make things easier? You press the "~" key, type in "iroll20s", and then "god". This will disable achievements but will make your characters invulnerable so you can enjoy the story.

  5. Gairnulf, you are doing the exact same thing the "in the infinity engine" group did. Complaining about a thing that's already implemented and it's not going to change. They won't just toss away all that dialogue they paid to record three weeks before launch just because some oldies don't like full vo. It's common sense, not authority. 

    Nobody said anything about undoing the voiced dialogue.An idea option would be a toggle to have as much as the first game was voiced to be voiced. I always felt that was an idea amount. Just enough for some flavor. I don't see why you're complaining about feedback either. Yeah it's probably too late for this game but there's always the next one.

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    I sure hope this didn't affect the amount of dialogue choices. This is how it always starts.

    I'm just excited they took the time to do this. I certainly didn't ask for more VO. I'd merrily play Deadfire without any VO whatsoever.

    Heh, I'm slightly amused to see this happy piece of news being bandied around as a bad omen, signalling the future demise of the PoE saga. Is this really the voice of reason?



    I don't want to get into a whole argument about this. I personally believe it can be a bad omen. The next game will likely be written with full VO in mind which can cut down on the amount of dialogue and choices. You don't have to give counter arguments to convince me otherwise. I've seen it happen before and I don't want it to happen to Pillars.

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