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  1. The latest OS X update, 10.11.2, appears to have fixed the issue for this game. I can no longer reproduce the bug. Hooray. Can I get some confirmations from other players?
  2. I can verify that switching back and forth from fullscreen to windowed will eventually lead to the game working properly until it is quit and relaunched. I also think that this suggests it may be fixed more easily by the developer than was previously stated.
  3. Glad to hear you haven't dismissed us. Thanks for the update. I'll be keeping an eye out for further info.
  4. That's not quite true. The fact that other Unity games are working just fine indicates that there is something that can be done on the part of the developer to make Unity engine games work in fullscreen with El Capitan and NVIDIA cards. Wasteland 2: Director's Cut runs just fine. I could be wrong but, since no one will elaborate on this issue or really explain what is going on, I have no way to know that. Thus, with the information I have at my disposal, I have to assume that there is, in fact, something that Obsidian can do to fix this. If someone has information that contradicts this assumption, please share it with me.
  5. I have noticed that if I switch to windowed mode, then back to fullscreen, and click the mouse on the screen at just the right time during the transition, the game will run normally. It's hard to time it right, and it takes many tries to get it to work, but eventually it does. Of course, I have no way of knowing if my clicking is what is actually making it work, or if it is happening randomly. But the fact that it sometimes works at all tells me that this should be easily fixed. If only we can get SOMEONE to fix it.
  6. I just installed the latest web driver after reading this and I can say that the issue is NOT fixed for me. I still cannot play the game. And I don't want to hear Obsidian passing the buck back to Apple anymore. Please let us know the status of the fix for this.
  7. Shadowrun Returns runs fine for me. Odd. The original WL2, however, does not.
  8. For the record, neither Wasteland 2 or Shadowrun (any of them) display this behavior on my 27" iMac. So clearly there is something that Obsidian can do to fix this problem, as these other Unity engine games are not giving me a problem.
  9. For the record, neither Wasteland 2 or Shadowrun (any of them) display this behavior on my 27" iMac. So clearly there is something that Obsidian can do to fix this problem. Whether or not they will . . .
  10. Ahhh. Of course. I must have gotten a bit ahead of myself. Thanks.
  11. The only other thing near the entrance is a flooded stairwell. And there's a river at the bottom of the gorge. Is there something I'm missing?
  12. I've been combing the map of Lle a Rhemen for over an hour and I can find no evidence that there is a second floor anywhere, despite the fact that the wiki clearly says that there is. I've already cleared the main floor and forged the soul spear, and I have a grapple and rope, but I can't find anywhere to use it. Any help?
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