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  1. At the risk of sounding like Captain Obvious, I would love the initial types to remain viable. Please, no silly +1 modifiers. I liked the 'Quality Longsword' etc. from IWD. Besides quality of craftmanship, make material a factor? I.e. if my barbarian starts out wearing elf-hide armour, he might later be able to upgrade/replace it with troll-hide armour which has some self-repairing qualities (or whatever, just making up silly examples). It's still visually and functionally a hide armour. In this case I suggest a bonus of some type, as the character is already profficient in fighting when w
  2. First' I'd suggest making a list of categories of the same material, therefore giving the sense of improved protection/quality to a same type of armor. Let's say you have a Bear Leather Armor, sounds nice, right? What about a Griffon leather Armor? Sounds much better! You could create a list of materials/metals that change the stats for each item. Otherwise, you could also add a description, like Iron Plated Leather Armor, Reinforced Scale Mail or something of the sorts.Even Blessed Mail could fit with your lore I assume, wherever there are meddling deities, there are enchanted/blessed items.
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