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  1. If he kills everyone in the keep do they drop their loot or is it better to kill everyone yourself during first quest?
  2. Yep, player character is something like Don Rickles/ from Kelly's Heroes.
  3. It seems few people actually read my idea, its not planed to play as merchant who owns a shop/crafting junk etc. but to have completely different class which is severally limited in all classic RPG skills and is instead compensated by cash so that player is forced to search for other NPC to perform even the simplest quest. Basically you are forced to play using your brain instead of muscles.
  4. But rogue can fight, disarm traps... whole point is to give completely different (challenging, you got gold but can't to anything yourself) gameplay style, basically after you finish the game in normal way and would like to play it again to explore other options without the need to micromanage each fight again... just sit back, relax and watch how that monster trashes your expensive merc force you so carefully assembled. EDIT (forgot your second comment), as for plot/quests there is no need for to much change, maybe adding some class specific but any standard quest would still work normal
  5. Played M&B way too much, only problem in M&B is lack of epic storyline, well any kind of storyline, but with all kinds of mods available you barely notice it. But my post isn't so much about playing as merchant but as some kind of merc commander like I do in M&B but that wouldn't make a lot of sense in PE since game will be optimized for maximum party size of 6 so greedy merchant sounds a lot more fun (and gives you a completely different gaming style with less party micromanagement) and shouldn't be to complicated to add. Merc system is much more complex thing but since it co
  6. Not so much passive role to a giant conflict as passive on battlefield (not having to kill everything myself) for example I like the way I can create high charisma character in Mount & Blade (with poor combat stats) which allows me to recruit large merc party from the start so while I'm barely able to defend myself I have like 40-50+ soldiers under my command doing most of the work with me acting as commander. Initially it was fun developing character with powerful fighting skills but once you realize that as horse archer/lancer you can single-handedly defeat any army, all that killing get
  7. That is the whole point, you have tons of gold but you totally suck at combat so you have to carefully manage your party in order to finish the game but even if most of your merc party gets wiped out because you thought that dragon will be easy no need to load old save just recruit new guys and carry on (with "Dragon survivor perk - bonus when running away from big things ). Wow sounds like fun, unfortunately didn't find the time to play any of the Fable series games yet , but now i know what I'll play until Wasteland 2 and PE are finished.
  8. added while I like playing godlike hero's I often find myself wanting to play the game again but then I remember that I would need to start all over again as some crappy character with crappy equipment and go around killing crappy enemies until I make enough cash for some quality gear and to get my stats up to acceptable levels which would allow me to survive in combat for longer then few seconds (enough to run away if its going badly ) and entire time I have to sell my lot at the fraction of what it is worth... plus fighting big boss battles in which boss send dozens of hi
  9. probably too late to squeeze into the budget (maybe in expansion?) or someone already suggested it... Basically a class for more senior gamers who want to finally become that fat merchant character who made fortune on them in every RPG they ever played. You start with ridicules amount of gold you made by selling crappy overpriced equipment to adventures and buying their loot for pocket change and you got idea that you might make even more money by cutting out the middleman and going after the loot yourself! Despite having ability to sell vegetables to Ogres and having money
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