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    I'm an atheist, anarchist and a geek so it was only a matter of time before Kickstarter introduced me to Project Eternity.
    Stories are what I love, whether told through games, film, books or a song and I enjoy these most when they challenge unfounded moral beliefs with pure unfiltered reason.

    I'm here to share my ideas about freedom in every form that a gamer would understand as well as to learn from you all what ever you can teach me about the ideas behind games and what makes up their core.

    Besides that I think mountains, rain, cooking (and eating! :I) and the unstoppable wave of technological, economical and ethical progress are all awesome things.

    Oh, and dead cats on strings that you drag around the world of Project Eternity as pets - those are cool too.

    [KICKSTARTER ID: David Ross Watson]


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  1. There is a note that can be found in Nonton's tent in Valewood that implicates him as the murderer of Perly. If you take this note to Urgeat in Gilded Vale there is no option to present the letter as proof, but there is a dialogue option that implies proof can be found. After bringing up the murder topic with him once there is also no option to repeat your accusation or present the letter. I've tried with the letter being in my stash and on my character. I also cannot confront Nonton with the letter. Has anyone else experienced this? I want to do right by Perly. Bastard though he w
  2. Damn. That is a lot of... everything. o.O Good work guys. Looking forward to the patch.
  3. Very sure. Besides seeing Fraps was a common theme in this problem, I went over my processes stack with a fine-tooth comb. I thought Steam's FPS counter might be the problem but whether on or off (after restarting the PC) the overlay just refuses to launch while PoE is running in admin mode. I'll try that. Brb. EDIT: Yup that did it! Even works with the Steam FPS Counter too. Thanks! Thing is though... I saw 0% performance improvement from running in admin mode, so ugh... it doesn't look like I'll be using your fix then lol. Thanks anyway. But in case it helps some
  4. Description & Steps to Reproduce the Issue: The Steam Overlay will not open if the PillarsOfEternity.exe is Run as administrator. This is true whether the "run as admin" function is set in the exe's Properties or if "run as admin" is selected by right clicking on the exe. The problem persists whether at the main menu or in-game. When admin is set via properties and the game is run via steam v1.0.2.0508 -steam is displayed in the lower left-hand corner. Running the exe directly (by double clicking) only v1.0.2.0508 is displayed. When admid is set by right clicking on the exe onl
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