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  1. @Piccolo: Wow, you like to paint with some broad brushes don't ya! You assume alot of things you know? It's gotta be your way, because obiously the rest of us should be able to see that your ways are better? NO exits for any one you say? You must leave the vast majority of your hard earned loot there in the dungeon you say? LOL, Please do go on. Why don't you go on and tell the rest of us how the WHOLE game should be in your infinite wisdom? Every one is different and every one deserves a chance to enjoy the game in there own way. If the game makers are smart, and I believe they ar
  2. I only read part of the thread so just ignore this if someone has already posted something like it. I hate having to choose which loot I can keep. I earned all of it and I want all of it, darn it. Call me a pack rat or greedy but I shouldn't have to leave most of the treasure I find in this huge dungeon due to inventory constraints. Non-living matter transporters. Transport loot of your choosing up to the surface into a possibly secured location for you to access anytime after you've completed the dungeon. Could be that it's locked up and the key for the receptacle on the surface i
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