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  1. No Sir, i personally not talking about a strange and obscure language like Congolese or old Babilonese, i'm talking about a language (Italian) which is inside every ****in MULTI5 format in videogames industry. You cannot compare those things. I would like to listen to germans or french if their language would not have supported. If italian language is not so important, why 80% of the translated games have it supported?
  2. Bump up until Obsidian give us an official position. Italians please help me in this matter, we deserve at least a response!
  3. As italian old gamer i have to say that the translation (i mean the text, speaking is another matter) was alway more than good for me. Even the old Baldur's Gate 1 had a fair italian translation (yes maybe some dialagues where "strange" but overall good) And as someone mentioned before, we're talking about an RPG where the athmosphere is very important: the full understanding of all you'are reading is quite fundamental! @Veeno You assumption regarding population and languages is weak. Not all portoguese speakin people are an RPG fan, even not all the chinese are interested in videog
  4. Sorry for misswriting of CD Projekt RED, and yes 10.000 dollars are not a big deal when you have 4.1 Milions
  5. We're talking about over 4 MILION DOLLARS for this project. Record for videogames in Kickstarter and 3rd in overall The goal to START the game was 1.1 MIL Are you saying to me that Obsidian can't invest 1000 dollars in a text translation? If fans can do it with the toolkit for free in their spare time, image a professional society. Guys in Italy will agree with me that piracy is wide in our country, and this is the main problem about our "little piece of market" for the videogame industry. But if you create a good game, with high quality support (see The Witcher 2), the italian comu
  6. Priority system maybe? First the ones who are backers and wait for the games release like hell (and yes, if i give you my money, i would at least an official position about my arguments). Second the "possibily interested" rest of the world, which is for the majority a non-backer, and MAYBE would purchase the final release of the game. it sounds so crazy guys?
  7. Not when you consider that great majority of them don't speak English, which is the official language of the forum. They probably have their own forums for discussing the game where they can do it in their own language. I would agree on chinise, but not on others. Japans and Koreans know very well english language, but they are more confortable in JRPG rather than a typical occidental RPG: how many people there have played Baldur's Gate instead of Final Fantasy? Portuguese players had really few games translated in the past, so this one can't be mandatory. MULTI5 is not a standard
  8. @Veeno You assuption is not correct in my opinion, i explain you why. If the "Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Portuguese" markets would be interested in a old style RPG like Project Eternity maybe their "voices" would be stronger here, in the official forums. If italians are so strongly conviced to support their language here, is becasue there is a truly and deep interest, and Obsidian have to look at this.
  9. At least, it would be nice if someone would give us an explanation. In that way, we wouldn't feel ourselves completely ignored by all people who work at Obsidian. All Italian people who pledged this game deserve an explanation. For example, I have given 132$, and I know other two (Italian) people who have pledged 280$ each. I don't think our help has been nut. I think it could be gentle a simple answer to our request. At this point, the silence of Obsidian is becoming nasty. I'm not asking for the translations, I'm asking for a simple answer. I add myself to request some words
  10. I became a backer in the last day only because i had "faith" in this project and i hope the italian translation can come out in future Italians need more attention Obsidian!
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