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  1. Same problem. I'll probably just wait until tomorrow when they are less slammed.
  2. I can confirm that I have the $500 kickstarter pledge as well, and I'm missing those things. Heh.... I almost pledged for them again in the checkout before I double checked the kickstarter page! I'm sure it will get sorted. Either way, my cart is in limbo until it'll let me process my order.... I'm currently getting some kind of error and can't complete. The servers are likely slammed.
  3. I started at the $140 tier, because I am a sucker for collector's editions and physical boxes, not to mention the classic cloth map and everything else. However, after being moved by the overwhelming support of the community and watching the stream today, I had to up my pledge (which was already stretching my budget). $500 tier + $20 CD +$10 Cards +$8 Obsidian Order Membership = $538 total pledge. (I now haz ALL the things!) Now officially paid in full. Congratulations Obsidian!
  4. I upped my pledge to $538.... for all the physical goodies possible, and out of much respect for Obsidian Entertainment! Of course, this includes the $8 toward the Obsidian Order cause. If possible, I'll take the name 'Intelligent Construct of the Obsidian Order'. Thanks!
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