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  1. OMG, we are lost! Save your children, PsychoWedge arrived! Thanks 'n all that! But I'm still not going to read your PE-blog. I stand by my word.
  2. I'd like to be "Psychotic Addendum to the Obsidian Order's Sanity". I backed 78$ (50 Rewardtier, 20 Addon, 8 Order) and I even wrote - Obsidian Order in my Kickstarter name. Something I would normally never do because I am way to cool to associate myself with any groups so openly!!!11!1elevenelvenlookingdwarfs But then Obsidian comes along, throws Project Eternity in my face and I am reduced to a drooling fanboi. These guys really should find a way to harness that kind of power! Oh wait, they alreaddy did... :D
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