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  1. I get back and I see IPA of all things in this thread, brings back nightmares from my linguistics classes.
  2. Game day at the store so I won't get to have fun with everyone here for another 12 hours or so, just remember don't feed the marshmallowwere, don't soak him in hot chocolate and don't put him in your mouth.
  3. Since OE has their offices in Irvine I would say the Pacific time zone is the best.
  4. That's quite insightful. I didn't really think about it like that :U Now you are listening to dinner.
  5. Maybe we should move all of the talking over to another thread and leave this just for people wanting to join.
  6. If it lets you eat two or more of our enemies at once I don't see a problem with it.
  7. Back with an obsidian goblet of hot cocoa for our loyal marshmallowwere to soak in.
  8. Ahhhh... good idea. You're our petite death, nobody said it couldn't be a sugary death.
  9. You know, you could keep the ranks in line, probably with just your presence. You're terrifying. ;_; Our jack-of-all-trades. As it stands you're our fix-it guy, meaning you'll have to take care of all our armor and weapons, any renovations done to our homes as well as the upkeep of everyones strongholds. Can you keep up? ;D Resident assassin? Aha, all i can think of. @_@ I can subcontract out to the Order's specialists in those departments. Hmmm, possibly. Again very tempting, but I wouldn't be as tasty as an mashmallow understudy. Why couldn't you be a marshmallow assassin?
  10. I think to a certain extent their should be. If someone has become downright nasty, and abusive to other Order members and has not heeded warnings or requests, I think maybe they should be suspended for a while to see how that goes and maybe work from there. Public shaming.
  11. I am sure if someone got really out of control some kind of steps might be taken to curb it.
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