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  1. Put simply - they'll handle the DLC for Fig backers in the exact same way they handled the White March for Kickstarter backers. When they have the keys to send out, they'll send out a backer update notifying people that the keys are available and where to get them. And it won't be one key for all DLC, or sending them all out at once, they'll be sending them out as each piece of DLC gets close to release, repeating the process I described above each time. So since there's three pieces of DLC, we'll be going through that process three times, once for each piece of DLC.
  2. Ugh, they couldn't just make it simple and straightforward, could they? I described one dream to Grieving Mother and I think I got it right. I know I wouldn't have lied to her. I'd ask for more details on which dream description you're referring to, but this is a no spoilers forum.
  3. I seem to be stumped on both. To avoid spoilers, I'll just refer to where I'm stuck at by the Journal ID (just look the quests up on the Gamepedia wiki to see which stages the IDs refer to). Dream and Memory is at Journal ID 20004 while The Trials of Durance is at Journal ID 10003. All I can find about both is just resting (specifically out in the wilds, not at an inn) but I've been at both of these stages for a good chunk of Act 2 and all of The White March Part 1. Durance in particular has been in the party the entire time. Now, two of the things I can ask him about (Magran and
  4. Yeah, you'll get an update about in the top-left and a green number on the Stronghold icon at the bottom of the screen, same as any other Stronghold-related updates. EDIT: The rewards (both cash and an item) will be deposited into the Treasury chest (the one in that little supply room just near the throne, directly across the main hall from the hallway that you went down when looking for Maerwald).
  5. Same result regardless of who goes and there doesn't seem to be any chance of failure either.
  6. The two hours was how long before the quest was simply removed if you didn't assign anyone to it. The two turns is how long it will take the assigned companion to complete the quest. As near as I can tell, one turn lasts as long as it takes for you to advance any of your quests. So complete one stage in a quest and you'll move into the next "turn". It's the one aspect of the Stronghold I have never liked, personally, but I can see why they didn't just tie quest completion to the world clock; if they did then you could power-level your companions just by constantly resting and let the
  7. At least there's one good thing that may come from this - how many companies do you think are going to mock and parody these events in the future? Done right this could be a comedic gold mine. Well... maybe a bronze mine.
  8. First combat I got into, against the bugs just inside the woods east of town, I had my PC Wizard cast Grease (or whatever it was called, name escapes me) at the northern two while my Priest, Rogue and Fighter dealt with the southern two (the Priest and BB Wizard had lost their weapons and the latter's grimoire to another bug that's mentioned elsewhere and the former was now using a Blunderbuss I found upstairs in the inn). For some reason, my wizard ran directly away from the spiders. I noticed this, re-ordered him to attack the southern group (now that I'd seen that the northern pair wer
  9. Well in the example with 3 Health, the fighter would be maimed or dead (depending on options and difficulty) because his health would hit 0 after the five health damage from Sawyer's example is applied. If he had three stamina, I imagine that any left-over Stamina damage would be applied as Health damage (on top of any Health damage the attack already had). Granted, I don't know if that's what the devs'll do but it's what I'd do and I've seen similar in some pen-and-paper systems. Even if that excess Stamina damage is gone, you've still got a fighter who'll be out of the fight for a litt
  10. Yeah, the talk about regen Stamina making things easy seems a bit much. Look at it like this - without taking the time to rest and recover your health (which'll probably require finding a safe and secure place, not to mention the actual time it could take to recover - which could be a pain for any time-sensitive quests) you could be at full Stamina but with only 3 health remaining. Now remember Sawyer's example with the fighter? Namely how he took a lot of Stamina damage and about 5 Health damage? What do you think would happen if that fighter only had 3 Health when hit by those attacks
  11. I think they mean objective in the more broad sense. Say you're travelling and run across some highwaymen who hold you up and demand your money. In a combat-based XP system, you could get XP for talking your way out of it and then more experience for then slaughtering them all. In an objective-based system, you could get the reward from talking your way out, fighting them, sneaking past or a few other ways and, as you leave that area, you get a notice like "Defeated highwaymen: +500 XP". You don't have to see the objective beforehand, it can just turn up in your message log the moment you
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