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    Developing new strategies in the Barracks.
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    Hmm, pretty much any kind of media.
    Movies, games, books, aaaand music not so much, but it's there somewhat.
    I can pretty much enjoy anything, you know, within reason.

    My favorite genre above all else is horror. Ever since I played Silent Hill, I think I was nine years old, I've been addicted ever since. Unfortunately, because of this and having seen so much ( I've been on /x/ a lot :Y ), there's not a lot of movies or games out there that can scare me anymore. I miss the dread and excitement of the unknown, but now that I'm older... ;_;

    Favourite games are well, where are we?
    Rpg's, mostly japanese (honk honk) but like I said, I enjoy everything.
    I don't know why but I absolutely adore Tower Defense games.
    Tried Dota2, still prefer League of Legends. :3

    Books. Stephen King. Well, not much else really.

    Currently doing a course. Cert III in Children's Services. At 22? Late, I know.
    ( I didn't do my homework :d )

    More later maybe.


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  1. Hello everyone, I haven't spoken in a while but I have been lurking quite a bit. Watching you all from the shadows. I just want to extend a personal welcome to everyone who's joined since I left back on page... 20 something? Gyaha, and anyone else who would like to join, get your $8 in through paypal asap because positions will be closing up real soon. :3
  2. I know right? We need a "friendly people doing friendly things" board or something like that... I was thinking of making a thread in the 'Way Off Topic' Board and directing all of 'us' there, (ya'll know who you are! ;3 )... But uh... we don't get post counts for posting in there, huehuehue :d
  3. Welcome to the order comrade. You'll get your name quite soon I think, seeing as how most of the titles are catching up with us. (Good work to those very few of you taking care of us! We and all those who precede us certainly appreciate it.) Also I wasn't here for a while so... CHAOTIC NEUTRAL! WHITE CHOCOLATE! Gyahaha!!
  4. As for me, I don't drink anything except for a glass of ORANGE JUICE! Or water. I'm gonna live forever.
  5. Aha, oh yes, you've absolutely zero reason to worry anymore. You will, with 100% certainty, have your title by the end of this... or maybe the 6th thread. :3
  6. You know, you could keep the ranks in line, probably with just your presence. You're terrifying. ;_; Our jack-of-all-trades. As it stands you're our fix-it guy, meaning you'll have to take care of all our armor and weapons, any renovations done to our homes as well as the upkeep of everyones strongholds. Can you keep up? ;D Resident assassin? Aha, all i can think of. @_@
  7. Except he wasn't an Olympic athlete. He was a messenger and he died of exhaustion! Fun fun! Donk. Right, I sometimes do this thing where I link one thing to another to another to another and then only say something about the end product. I was thinking Pheidippides > Messenger > Running > Marathon > Olympics. In my head, by saying his name you were inferring the games. Me and my assumptions :d
  8. Well, I'm sure this kingdom has some form of... fun... pastimes... I couldn't think of the word. Just like you suggested, you could be an Olympic athlete. :3
  9. Naw man, naw~ You'll be our scout and message passer-onnerer, running with your little Icarus boots from kingdom to kingdom... :3
  10. Hmmm, you could be an an alchemist who develops new poisons. That's essentially what your name means I think :3 Oh, the ironing! Gyahaha! ...Did I do that right?
  11. Fine; just so long as you guys don't stick me on watch when we stop at a village or city for the first and last nights. I hate it when you guys do that! Phsaw, I can take care of that bro' (wait, Lady, my bad @_@;; ).On occasion that is. Just don't get used to it. ;d As Royal Vanguard it is my sworn duty to keep the forefront of order and protect his majesty as well as to be on the front lines on exploration of newly discovered realms! Gosh that was a mouthful. I can't be bothered proof reading so I'm just gonna cross my fingers and hope that it makes sense.
  12. On an unrelated topic, I feel like we should have our own RP board, and we all get to play our respective parts (you're stuck with whatever title you picked! xD ) in the Aedyr Kingdom (or the surrounding villages). I think that'd turn out to be pretty amusing. And it'd be something for us, you know what I mean? Just a little idea :3
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