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  1. It's weird how so many people feel the need to jump in and say the same thing. (not really, it's actually predictable) But in a game that has content like this, it's typical to have an aftergame where it's available. No notification that said aftergame doesn't exist. When I said 'odd design choice', I was being polite. It's actually stupid.
  2. I feel like so much of this aspect of the game is wasted by the fact that you have to try really hard to give enough damns to use consumables like food, or need to use potions. And enchanting is limited by what your equipment doesn't already have, and even at the end of the game I lacked many components despite going all over (outside of the endless dungeon). I have never once been able to justify crafting a single item.
  3. Balance? Is this an mmo? Why are so many people telling others how they should or shouldn't play?
  4. No other way to say it. The combat system is weak, which wouldn't be a problem except that encounters are so uneven within the same area that it's not a matter of challenge, but a matter of cheesing things, playing power classes, or overleveling. Don't give fights of manageable difficulty for two hours just to give a completely impossible fight at the end. It's poor game design. It's not an attempt to revitalize the idea of a challenging game, it's not a response to how easy games have become (nothing easier than claiming something is easy), it's the result of a dev team that didn'
  5. Why bother with so many niche situations or weird character based dialogue options. It's very irritating. I think I've used options based on my actual character's skills/stats once.
  6. necrotic lance, 17 damage over 6 seconds for a secondary effect. Most dots when you do the match have very low per-tick damage, it's just something I don't quite understand.
  7. It's not just a preference to see damage per second... even though yes I do believe that would make sense, I question whether the tooltips are wording it correctly, as many abilities that sound like they should do decent damage over time, instead do almost non-existent damage based on the tooltip. Like 17 damage over 6 seconds sort of thing.
  8. If it's the former, DoT abilities seem pretty weak, but that's how it's worded. Can anyone tell me?
  9. Why does he do this, even on things with 6m range, he just waltzes right up to the enemy to get KO'd.
  10. As far as I know I don't have combat sped up, when something says "for 14 seconds" is that in some special game time, because it's more like 5 seconds in real life, if that.
  11. Can't figure this out, getting frustrated. Guess I should say not 'normal attack' but like abilities to start the fight.
  12. If she leaves the party, does she still die, does she ever make another appearance? yes/no will suffice to these questions.
  13. Ok so since when is leveling up a special accomplishment that people feel proud of, so much so that we now have to slow it down compared to *insert vague notion of game someone supposedly played*? Leveling up isn't an accomplishment unless it involved doing a lot of an activity that isn't fun, like mob grinding in mmorpgs. In single player RPGs, it's just something that happens as we play. It doesn't matter if there's lots of small levels, or fewer big ones. If you had to go back and forth trying to get a big level because the game was too hard without it, then that was just bad gam
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