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  1. Sadly companies often use famous names to make crappy games and sell them. Worms Blast for example... wtf was that?! And a lot of simpsons games had nothing to do with simpsons... meh, it happens all the time.... and sequals usually suck more than the originals.
  2. Did you try it? Just do it. You will like it soon enough. If not take someone along...
  3. It is sad. Trees and forests are getting smaller. Animals are dissappearing. People are killing each otehr and themselves. I suggest we all just cut our wrists and make it easier for us. But really. We have a life. A limited ammount of days. And we waste them watching TV, reading about famous people, [playing games], trying to profit, exploit others, go to school, work for others so we can make some money and buy a better video card, make others suffer for no reasons at all, and kill others because they have a different oppinion, because they want other things than you, thus ending their day
  4. Black and White 2 UT2k5 (or whatever) NWN2 DA Street fighter 2 Pac Man 3D: the RPG
  5. Coke leaves a bad aftertaste which Pepsi doesnt. But it is really quite different. Depends on the mood. When you want hardcore you take coke [with rum], when you want something nice you take pepsi.
  6. Ok, fine, everyone vote that you want more violence, or I will skin a puppy and upload the pictures and email them to little kids! You see more [REAL] violence every day on TV. You see it in newspapers, magazines, etc. There are hundreds of websites which focus on gore and dead people. Nobody is forcing you to play in a blood pool, but if you want you are not allowed to. In PC games you can simulate. Face it, humans are violent in nature. We had 2 WW's in the past 100 years. We killed millions of innocents for invalid reasons (from religion, skin colour, witchery, to being in love
  7. And you do? Emotional in real life. I dont care if a mdl gets blown to bits on my screen. Yeeeaaa that will be a problem in a few years aI guess when games will have such sweet graphics and so much detail and people will loose touch with reality.. But its not that you cant tell, its just that you think its going to be the same in real life as in a game (which it will be). Goodly people will not kill people in real life, even if they kill a 1000 in videogames every day, while an evil person would (like they do now) regardless of the video game. But noone forces you to play a bl
  8. What kind of system are you running?
  9. No- Nothing wrong with seeing whats not real I dont agree with the last part. It should be real. A person gets cut, the person bleeds. The violence is what people like (dont ask why) but arent allowed to, and dont like being done to them. Would you buy a game with no violence, no complications, no problems? The violence in games should be realistic. By that I mean that when you hit someone in game he gets a bruise. He doesnt just walk away with nothing at all, neither does tons of blood flow out of his cheek. Realism. Of caurse, players should be able to choose what they wa
  10. Europe- Slovenia Temporary live in america- Canada
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